About Us

Based in the heart of Colwyn Bay, “Eat Fit” is a brand new concept offering healthy, clean-eating fast food. You can enjoy your food in our (add-number) seater café, takeaway or even have your food freshly delivered directly to your doorstep at home or at work.

All of our meals are lovingly prepared and cooked on-site and are bursting with natural and nutritious goodness using only the finest ingredients sourced from local North Wales suppliers.

Eat Fit will change the way you think about your food. Jam-packed with goodness and bursting with flavour – you can wave goodbye to processed, chemical-filled foods covered in the fats that are really bad for you – and instead say hello to locally supplied, deliciously tasty, clean, natural and nutritious foods made FRESH on site.

And because we care about what you eat – we also offer tailor made meal plans for the month. You can kick-start a healthier you with a whole month’s supply of prepared meals designed to suit your fitness goal of either losing that stubborn fat or bulking up. We’ll even deliver them to your doorstep. 

Costa Yianni

Costa Yianni


Born and bred in Colwyn Bay, I started Yianni’s Fitness in 2010, opening my own training studio in 2014. So helping people to stay and fit and healthy is what I do!

That’s why I launched ‘Eat Fit’.

I really care about local people and love helping my customers feel happy about what they see in the mirror and how they feel in their clothes. And what better way to do it than offering a place where you can enjoy good, hearty, nutritional food at great prices.

With a five-star food hygiene rating – we’ll help you reach your fitness goal with delicious and exciting foods that’ll make you feel like you’re cheating on your diet!