Eat Fit Terms and conditions for our meal prep members


  • Eat Fit will provide clients with fresh meals over one/two collections/deliveries per week. Prices will vary depending on the new plan chosen or any special offers management has offered.

    * Meal Prep plans will commence on your chosen days. All collections must be made between 8am and 3pm on the respective day.

    * Late meal prep collections cannot be exchanged or replaced; it is the client’s responsibility to collect meal prep on the designated days. Eat Fit will dispose of any uncollected meal prep.

    * All meals must be consumed within 72hrs from the day of collection.

    * It is your responsibility to ensure food is stored, handled and reheated correctly according to food safety regulations. Eat Fit will not hold responsibility for the foods after it has been collected or delivered.

    * Renewal payments must be made before your last collection/delivery.

    * The meal prep coordinator will contact clients from as early as 1-week prior to meal prep expiry. A review of meal prep options and selections will take place 1 week before client’s meal prep plan ends. Menu and plan prices may change and vary, at our discretion, at anytime.

    * Client to disclose any dietary requirements and/or allergies to meal prep coordinator upon sign up to meal prep and/or during every review.

    * Once client’s meal prep plan has started, the month must be completed. Meal plans cannot be paused during this 4 week cycle unless management have agreed with client due to certain circumstances.

    * Meal prep cannot be extended for less than one 4 week cycle.

    * No changes can be made to the standard/shred/bulk plan once commenced – any meals you wish to skip or cancel will mean doubling up on one of the existing meals.

    * Any changes to Macro plans must be given to the Meal Prep Manager 1 week prior to next collection

    * Meal prep cannot be refunded but can be exchanged for a credit note or gift card. 

    * All meal prep enquiries must be sent to the meal prep manager via email [email protected]

    Refund Policy

    To request a refund, customer must contact manager via shop or email. We will process within 24 hours if warranted.